Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Giannis Playoffs

The Gold Standard is LeBron James's 2006 Playoffs:

I don't care for stats and the stats don't tell the whole story of LeBron's version of 2017 Giannis.

But look at those stats!  LeBron played about 47 minutes per game in the first round.  The Cavs won three of their four games against the Bullets by a single point.  In four games of non-blowout basketball against the #1 Seed (Pistons), he rested for an average of about ten seconds per game.

Again, I don't care about stats.

I watched the Playoffs in 2006.  The Cavs should not have been a Playoff team.  ESPN's John Hollinger (who now runs player personnel for the Grizzlies) had the Cavs rated as the 15th best team in the NBA.  And they were.  Until the Playoffs.  Then LeBron decided to play all day, master every possession and will the defense to respectability.

We will know a lot about Giannis after this series.  He must play all day.  He must master the offense on almost every possession.

I think he will.  I think that the Raptors; a team with an honest chance of playing in June, are concerned.

The Bucks have the best Player on the court.  Moreover, he is not a Big; because Bigs can't play all day.  And he is not a Point; because Point guard is the least important position in basketball.  (A secret of the Game that few understand.)

He is a Wing.  And Wings, especially Wings who can fill in as Points and Bigs, are what matter.

Let's go, Giannis.  Let's see how you stack up to the Greats.

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