Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Inglis Looks Like the Kind of Goofball I Like

Day off yesterday for #BucksForest, but we're back (albeit late in the day).  Most of the reason for the day off is because I was lazy.  A small part of the reason for the day off was the Bucks' ugly home loss to the Pistons.

The Bucks lost by twenty-nine points, which disturbed me on two fronts.  Getting blown out is always disturbing, but getting run off the floor in the first half and then losing the second half is doubly disturbing.  Let's hope it was just a bad night.

I did watch the highlights of the Pistons game and my brother was there live.  From the highlights, it looked like ball security, rebounding, defense and offensive flow were major problems.  Duh.  I expect those things to be problems all year.  Three of those are areas where Greg Monroe is known to struggle (actually, Monroe can be part of a flowing offense, but he has more history as a ball-stopper than as an offensively flow-catalyst).  The other area, rebounding, is an area where Monroe is thought to excel ("getting buckets inside" and "interior passing" are two others).  Unfortunately, Monroe was not exactly a world-class rebounder.  It's only preseason, though, so I think it's fair to forget about it and move on.

The one positive was that Bucks rookie Damien Inglis looked good again.  (In fact, he's looking good against the Cavs as I'm typing this.)

Inglis is a tall, lanky guy who seems to be expected to play up front.  That makes sense, because he appears to be an athlete and he appears to have touch inside.  Inglis may not be particularly strong and he definitely is particularly prone to ball-watching on D, but he's young.  Lack of strength and love of ball-watching are two common traits in young ballers.

The Bucks will probably get next-to-nothing from Inglis this season (that is, unless they start slow, go into the tank and start making up injuries in order to secure more ping-pong balls in the Lottery), but I hope that he becomes a viable guy once spring rolls around.  He definitely is emotional and he seems to be a little goofy, but I wonder if he has some Boris Diaw in him.  Maybe the idea that Inglis will reach Diaw's level of passing is a stretch, but he does seem to have a similar natural feel for the game.  I'll definitely be hoping to see number 77 enter the game once the regular season rolls around.

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