Friday, October 9, 2015

Box Office Bucks

The Bucks have long had the best season ticket value in big time sports.  By being a lower bowl season ticket holder, I have been entitled to free concessions, free merchandise and even access to a Justin Bieber concert pre-sale.  It's been great.

Perhaps my favorite perk is the Bucks' ticket exchange system.  I can get extra tickets for any one of twenty-four games this season by giving up my tickets to another game.  For example, since I want a couple of extra tickets to watch Brandon Knight's return on March 30, I gave up my tickets to the game against Boston on my birthday.

The ticket exchange system makes season tickets much more palatable.  One of my few complaints about holding LA Kings season tickets is that I always have exactly two seats.  If I am out of town and my season ticket split friend wants to go alone, then I might end up with a wasted ticket.  If extra friends want to go to a game then I might have to buy tickets through the box office, and often we can't sit together.  The Bucks' exchange system (and their very accommodating season ticket staff) allows me to avoid those situations.

This season, the opener against the Knicks on October 28 was made an exchange game.  "Great!", I thought.  "I'll get a group of people together, trade in some of the other games that I can't attend and we'll all be part of the welcome party for the Rashad Vaughn era of Bucks basketball.

Unfortunately, when I emailed by Bucks season ticket rep the day before ticket exchanges became available, I was snubbed.  My rep told me that the game against the Knicks has sold out in my price category, so I either have to downgrade to upper bowl seats or pay extra to exchange to a different section of the lower bowl.  (Also, "sold out" is surely a relative term.  At this time of year NBA teams don't sell their entire single game ticket allotment.  They reserve a number of seats in the hopes of selling a few more season tickets or multi-game packages.  I'm sure that some of those seats are still available in section 220, where I sit.)

At first I was ticked when I was told that I wouldn't be able to do a normal exchange.  But then I thought about it and realized why: the Bucks are hot, baby!  Missing out an exchange for the first time in my six years as a Bucks season-ticket holder is a minor annoyance, but I'll gladly accept it if it means that the energy in the arena is hot this season.

For all of the many criticisms I've levied at Bucks management over the last year and a half, I must admit that they've done a great job getting local fans back into the team.  

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  1. Cool idea! I bought tickets for my little sister here . She's a fan of this musical artist. But I don't even know who is Bieber and that he sings)