Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Another Clueless Move

Here's what some people think:

-Brandon Knight has no vision (true, admittedly), so we'll never be elite with him as a star.

-Michael Carter-Williams has vision (true, admittedly), so he can become a good point guard.

-Jabari Parker has been taught skills his whole life and the NBA has become a skills game.

-Sidney Moncrief has a lisp and a high-pitched voice, so he isn't a good TV game analyst.

-Coach Kidd likes playing an active style, and young players tend to be more active than veterans.

-Greg Monroe can be taught to play great defense.

These things are all wrong.  Bucks management is embracing all of them.

I'll give management some credit.  The uniforms look a lot better (though not as good as Dunleavy, Sr.'s "Wimbledon" uniforms).  Picking Bobby Portis (who will likely be an energy Big and a crowd favorite) would've put Jabari's growth at risk.  Park East is a great spot for a practice facility.  They got a fukkin arena deal done!

But I do hate this ownership/management.  They are not a family.  Kohl didn't run the Bucks like a family at first, either (that's why Nellie, the greatest Bucks coach, left) and he learned.  So, I'll cut them some slack.  They're trying.

I do, however, think that the Lasry kid is a dunce.  It's clear that the team was bought, in part, so that Alex Lasry (son of owner Marc) could be given a nepotistic executive position in a business he enjoys.  Sometimes, these things work out.  Usually, they don't.  

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