Friday, August 14, 2015

Do People Realize That Big Ers Is Better Than Markeiff Morris?

#BucksForest is back on Blogger.  I like Tumblr a lot, but I've lost a couple of posts recently due to Tumblr crashing.  It's actually probably Safari crashing, but it doesn't matter.  So, I'm back on Blogger.

Bill Simmons caused a tangentially Bucks-related ruckus a few days ago by tweeting that a Big Ers for Markeiff Morris (with the Suns receiving the right to swap first round picks) is inevitable.  The ruckus wasn't so much about Morris being traded -- Morris himself started that brouhaha by telling the Philadephia Inquirer that he wants to leave Phoenix -- as much as it was about people evaluating what Morris is worth and what Phoenix might be willing to get for him.

[It should be noted that has reported that Morris wants to go to either Houston to play with James Harden or to Toronto to play with Kyle Lowry.  What this proves, yet again, is that NBA players NEVER think logically.  They just, A) want to play with guys they like and, B) believe that guys who kill them are way better than they actually are.]

The fallout to the Inquirer's report and Simmons's tweet has been bloggers everywhere conjuring up trade ideas that have no chance of happening.  What has been fascinating to me is that many of the blog posts have echoed the same sentiment: that Markeiff Morris is too good to be traded for Ersan Ilyasova.

Which brings me to an honest question: Why don't you people (meaning people who write and/or Tweet about basketball) want to understand the game of basketball?

Ersan Ilyasova is a better NBA basketball player than Markeiff Morris.  He is better on defense and he adds an interior dimension on offense that Morris lacks.  (Morris is the better shooter and more skilled offensive player.)  He also has only one season left on his contract, while Morris has four.  (They make similar per-year salaries.)  Ersan is also at an age (28, officially, though rumors have persisted for years that he is actually three years older) that tends to produce more Championship role-players than Morris's (25).

Plus, Morris also has the knucklehead factor against him.  After the Suns acquired Brandon Knight last season, Morris, his brother Marcus Morris and Eric Bledsoe made it CLEAR with their actions on the court that they were not happy with the situation.  Essentially, the Suns offense became either Bledsoe & the Morrises playing keepaway from Brandon, or Brandon running things primarily with Alex Len & the other role players.  Ers may or may not have had problems with the slew of knuckleheads who have played for the Bucks during his career, but he never showed it on the court to the degree that Markeiff & Co. did last season.

None of this is to say that I would protest against Simmons's proposed trade if I were a Pistons fan.  It is quite possible that Marcus Morris, who is already on the Pistons' roster, will be a better player next season if his brother is there in place of Big Ers.  I already have the Pistons tipped as a Playoff team, and if Markeiff takes Ersan's place, I would continue to believe in them.

As a big Brandon Knight fan (and, thus, something of a Suns bandwagon-hopper at the moment), I think that acquiring Big Ers would be a fantastic move.  In fact, I think it would put them back in Playoff contention.  (And what would really help their Playoff chances is dealing Bledsoe.  I checked ESPN's NBA Trade Machine, and an Eric-for-Eric trade [Bledsoe for Gordon] is possible under NBA rules.  NBA bloggers/Twitterers are gonna hate that one, too, but for Phoenix it would mean acquiring a fantastic shooter, adding size to the backcourt and lopping off three years of contract commitment.) Acquiring better players than you send away tends to do that.

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