Monday, October 20, 2014

It Has Always Been a Shakedown

Common Ground, the group of Milwaukee area religious organizations with an ostensible goal of improving recreation facilities, revealed itself as a group of shakedown artists over the last several days.  After initially offering for a new Bucks arena if it were paired with $150 in tax money for Common Ground, the organization announced yesterday that it will be opposing tax money for a new arena.  

Details were fuzzy, but it appears that the change was due to the fact that Common Ground realized that there was no earthly chance that Milwaukee was going to waste spend invest $150 million in recreation facilities.  

Common Ground's attack on the Bucks and their new owners was predictable, but the force with which they changed their tact was jarring nonetheless.  They are now in attack mode.  Yours truly isn't all that familiar with Common Ground, so I can't say whether they are worrisome, or a mere nuisance.  

Hopefully, all of the complaints about new taxes for a Bucks arena will be moot.  If Milwaukee politicians can find the political will to tear down the old MECCA Arena and Milwaukee Theater, then the tax money being eaten up by those buildings will likely be enough to cover whatever tax kickbacks are needed for the Alvin Robertson Center (or whatever a new arena is called).


The Bucks are in New York city for an exhibition game against the Knicks.  With Brandon Knight still out I would expect that The Grecian Formula will be handling point guard duties again.  More on that tomorrow.

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