Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I Believe


I Believe.

I Believe This Team. 

I Believe This Team Can Win.

The NBA Draft is tomorrow, and if the Twitter community of Bucks fans is any indication, it will be the biggest day of the year.  The Bucks will get a highly touted player, of course, but many Bucks fans seem to want more.  They want an overhaul.  Anyone and everyone aside from The Grecian Formula (who I, personally, would be willing to trade in a heartbeat) is fair game for trade, as long as the trade returns young players and/or draft picks.

It's logical to want massive changes when a team is coming off one of its least successful seasons ever, but this team could actually be good.  Bill Simmons had them as a playoff team in his 2014 NBA Preview.  I had the Bucks as a 6th seed in the #BucksForest 2014 NBA preview.  I was there in the fourth row when the Bucks beat the Lakers handily in Los Angeles.  Look at that box score:

That was a solid Bucks team, and it still can be.  Big Ers and The Colonel were a solid big man pairing, and they will likely be healthier in 2015.  Good Brandon was great last season, and he can float between being a point guard and a wing player.  Ridnour and Neal are gone, and Sessions is likely to follow.  Delfino will return from injury, however.  Nate Wolters had moments.  Khris Middleton and John Henson can be rotation players.  That's eight capable players without even mentioning Zaza, Juice Mayo (who, despite the valid criticisms, can still shoot) or The Grecian Formula.

What if the 2015 rotation looks something like this?

Point guards: Good Brandon (starter), Wolters

Wing players: #2 Draft Pick (starter), Delfino (starter), The Grecian Formula, Middleton

Big men: The Colonel (starter), Big Ers (starter), John Henson

There are possibilities in that lineup.  Big Ers would have to stay healthy.  The Colonel's head would have to be right.  Delfino would have to be as solid as he was when he last played.  The Grecian Formula would have to progress and the #2 Draft Pick would have to play defense.  These things can happen.  They might not happen, but they can.

Discarding capable veterans like Good Brandon, The Colonel, Big Ers and even Juice Mayo is surely tempting.  The Bucks owners will save millions of dollars in player costs and maybe the young players and/or draft picks the Bucks acquire would pan out.  Online fans are also calling for it, making it all the more tempting.

The problem is that playing young players and draft picks ensures an ugly 2015 season.  And it's a risk.  It might not progress the franchise forward.

It's no fun being in an endless rebuilding cycle.  Hopefully the new Bucks owners realize that there are a lot more stories like Cleveland, Orlando, Minnesota and Sacramento than there are like Oklahoma City.

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