Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lots of Bad and Some Good

Here is the bad and good (in the opinion of yours truly) from Timberwolves at Bucks:

Bad: Big Ers can't shoot.  Maybe he's injured and maybe it's just a temporary lull in confidence.  Either way, it's tough to see him as a rotation guy on a good team if he can't hit a shot.

Bad: Speaking of lulls in confidence, Larry has reverted to his 2012 form.  On defense he's too afraid of fouling or getting out of position.  He's no longer the active guy he was in one-on-one or team defense.  It seems that his attempts to develop an offensive game are hurting the areas that he used to be great at.

Good: O.J. Mayo can shoot.  If the Bucks had better offensive players around him, O.J. would be a solid 3-and-D guy.

Good: Giannis Antetokoumnpo.  His D stinks and I worry if he'll ever be a great finisher at the rim and you never know for sure how a young player will develop.  But there are signs that he could be one of the top players in the league.

Bad: The lack of organization.  Coach Drew can say that it's an execution problem (i.e. not a coaching/strategy/planning problem), but something has to change.  The Wolves knew what they were doing and the Bucks didn't.  I had flashbacks to the Krystkowiak era.

Good: Miro (or is it Slava?) Raduljica.  He could be an effective backup thug, possibly allowing the Bucks to move or bench Pachulia.

Bad: Good Brandon as point guard.  He has difficulty passing and making good decisions.

Good: Good Brandon as a third guard.  He can get to the rim and he is a good enough athlete to potentially play great defense.

Bad: The rest of the point guard situation.  I'm racking my brain for a worse crew of point guards.  I'm not talking in the 2014 NBA season, because the Bucks have that (dis)honor locked up.  I'm talking in this century.  I guess the Smush Parker era of the Lakers was worse.

Good: Middleton as a solid bench scorer.  It's making me happy about trading Bad Brandon.

I'll be at the Bucks at Lakers game on December 31.  Hopefully things will be better there.

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