Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Henson & Larry

I missed the Bucks exhibition opener last night, and by most accounts I didn't miss much.

From reports I read it made me think of the Bucks' game against Minnesota in October, 2009.  The team was trying to incorporate Brandon Jennings and a few other new piece, just like The Grecian Formula and Juice Mayo are being incorporated now.  In 2009 the Wolves felt they were on the verge of putting together a young team that could contend for a playoff berth.  Same with the Cavs in 2013.  And in 2009 Kevin Love just brutalized a relatively soft Bucks front line, just as Tristan Thompson did last night.

2009-10 ended up being the last great Bucks season, so it is far too early to panic based on one preseason game.  It may not, however, be too early to worry about the front line of Larry Sanders and John Henson.  As soon as Henson checked in the Bucks began getting worked over, and it didn't stop until the Cavs were in cruise control.  Henson gets some nice blocks and is trying to develop a hook shot, but he seems to be a bad fit with The Colonel.  They are both thin, long-armed defenders.  They both excel on off the ball and struggle to stop beefy post players.  It feels like they overlap each other's skills rather than complimenting.

John Henson's trade value is probably still pretty high right now, and I think that the Bucks should explore dealing him.  Henson still has three more years at the rookie salary scale and he does play fine off the ball defense.  LaMarcus Aldridge is the big fish in the trade pond this season, and he would fit well in Milwaukee.  His interior offense is something the Bucks have lacked throughout the Jennings area.  (Sorry, Bogues.  I love ya but your offense became suspect once your right elbow got jacked up.)  I'd be happy to see Henson packaged with a first round draft pick and some other asset if it meant that the Bucks could acquire a player who is as good at interior offense as The Colonel is at interior defense.

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