Sunday, September 29, 2013

Reginald Baylor's Bucks Court Design is Awesome

Darn it!

How could the Bucks have chosen such a timid, corporate-y court design when this was available:


The design above was created by Reginald Baylor, an artist from Milwaukee, and it is great.  Purple is back.  Square basketballs are everywhere.  There are knots in the wood.  And check out the "MKE" chain on that ballin' deer.

Somebody on the Bucks needs to be fired, because everything about that court is better than what the franchise is doing now.  Baylor's deer is better than the Bucks' deer.  Baylor's font is better than the Bucks' font.  Baylor's color scheme is better than the Bucks' color scheme.  The Bucks organization is so lost in groupthink and CYA-ism that they are unable to step back and see when a massive gift has been given to them.

I'm staying optimistic about the upcoming season.  But I'm also going to hold off on buying any more Bucks merchandise until their brand starts to look something like Reginald Baylor's court.

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